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Get the most from your QMS

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Benefits of our training programs

Self-paced courses designed to help you get the most from your LogiqcQMS

Practical approach

Information and learnings you can can apply to your organisation

Real world examples 

Strategies and shared knowledge from the LogiqcQMS community 

Broaden your horizons

Courses on fundamentals of quality assurance, auditing and accreditation.  
Get the big picture on your QMS

Not just how, but why

Knowing how to use the platform is one thing, but understanding why is the next piece in the puzzle. Our courses are designed to provide context and rationale for implementing a QMS and will explore how to position quality as a strategic driver in your organisation.   


We love it when our clients are happy

"LogiqcQMS adds tremendous value to our business. I look back now and don’t know how any high quality and regulated business could operate without it."
Dr Debbie Blake, Scientific Director and Quality Manager at Repromed
"Logiqc QMS is a robust quality system that helps us meet our legislative requirements. It also helps from a governance and risk management perspective."
deb boyd,ceo at auckland eye
"We have implemented LogiqcQMS at
more than a dozen private day hospitals and health facilities and it ticks all the boxes."
LEITH MCMILLAN, CEO at Day Hospital Consulting
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